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zellandyne has something to say about living in the now:

If you have to be fixated on how meaningful every moment is, then the moment isn't actually all that meaningful. If you have time to think that, you are not in the moment. The times in your life that matter will stand out. There's no way they can't. The times in which you are living most fully are the times in which you aren't self-conscious about it. I don't like the artificiality of this pretension I'm seeing. I also don't like the fixation on the inner life of the mind. Which is funny coming from someone like me who is so much about thought and growth. But... you just do it. You don't fix on it. You don't ignore or avoid true connection to other people. You don't live in the impossible future in which you will have fully explored yourself. You don't wait for someday. You do. And you do now. NOW. Life is not a waiting game.

The whole post is worth reading. QWP.


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Apr. 24th, 2007 02:05 am (UTC)
The whole post is definitely worth reading. I like these lines too:

"Every moment is an action. Every action is a choice. You choose who you will be every single moment of every day. Do you want to be someone who hides? Do you want to be someone who's dishonest? Do you want to be someone who hurts others? Do you want to be someone who isolates yourself?"

"Be the sort of person you could trust. Be the sort of person you could rely on. I guess, what I realized this week, is that there are people all around me who are more afraid than I am. I've always felt like everyone else was strong and confident, and I'm realizing that just isn't so."

"I don't want the image of strength. I want the reality - which means no masks, no pretensions, no hoops."

Good stuff.

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